moneybookers credit cards

Moneybookers Credit Cards

In this section you will find information about Moneybookers Credit Cards

How do I set up credit card payments with Moneybookers?

Step 1: Add your credit/debit card to your account profile: click here for the official website to open in a new window and go to: 'My Account' -> 'Profile' -> 'List of credit/debit cards -> 'Manage' -> 'Add' -> and here fill in the required information.

Step 2: Complete our verification procedure. Read more about it in the following section.

Moneybookers verification procedure

Moneybookers will debit your credit/debit card for a small random amount (usually between EUR 1.01 and 2.99 depending on your account currency). The next step is the checking of your card statement for the exact transaction amount and enter it into the 'verify credit/debit card' section of your Moneybookers profile. Please note that you may have to wait some time for the debit to appear on your statement. After you inserted the number the transaction amount will be credited to your Moneybookers account and your card will be verified with the upload limit shown on screen.


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