How to pay online?

Here you can find information about the ways we can pay online.

Most of the people surfing online also prefer to pay their bills online, instead of bothering to write the ordinary checks.
The purpose of our website is to educate the new users about their options to pay online. We want to make the users
more confident about online security as they gain more experience in using online payment services.


You can pay through Moneybookers, for more information visit our details page for: Moneybookers


You can pay through Paypal, for more information visit our details page for: Paypal

By reading our website you will find answers to the following questions:

Information on our website can be summarized as the the answer to a more general question: "How to pay online?" If you are
interested in how to pay online, then we invite you to explore the different internet payment options and to choose the best one
that suits your needs.

A few words of advice before you start exploring the online payment systems:

  1. You should never reveal your password to anybody, not even to the administrator of the payment system you are using.
    He has a master password, he does not need yours. Only somebody that pretends to be the administrator will ask for your
    password. If somebody asks for your password simply don't reveal it, contact the support and ask for more info.
  2. Avoid paying online directly with your credit card (if possible). If you are interested in how to pay money online to somebody
    you don't know in person, use a trusted third party payment processor like Paypal or Moneybookers. They will never reveal
    any of your sensitive information. The money are transferred from your card into their account, and then paid from there.
  3. For payments over the Internet use only one credit card with limited funds on it. Don't keep thousands of dollars on the credit
    card used for online payments. If something bad happens you won't lose much money.
  4. Educate yourself on how to pay online before you actually start paying the bills, services or even before you start shopping.
    Learn how to pay on-line safe!

A word for webmasters and merchants:

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